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VAC encourages the LGBTI community to look after their wellbeing with ‘Equality Mixtape’

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4 SEPTEMBER 2017 - In the face of the public debate around marriage equality, the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) is calling out for suggestions to add to the ‘Equality Mixtape’ on social media. The fun and collaborative initiative is being used to encourage the community members to take a moment out of their day to enjoy a ‘pride’ anthem.

Following some of the negative messaging aimed at LGBTI communities during the ongoing debate around marriage equality and the impending postal survey, the ‘Equality Mixtape’ initiative aims to bring the LGBTI community together to share their favourite music as well as fond memories linked with some of the pride anthems. Everyday until the end of the postal survey, VAC will be posting another track on social media and invite the community to take five minutes out of their day to let go and enjoy the music.

“With the Marriage Equality debate bringing out a lot of negative sentiments it has been an emotionally taxing time for a lot people. We wanted to send out some positive energy, and long before we were depicted in movies and television, the LGBTI community has found our own stories in music. ” said VAC CEO Simon Ruth.

“Music has been an outlet for our community to find escape, build resilience, and celebrate with pride in the face of hard times. We’re hoping to continue that tradition, and share some feel good stories along the way.”

Started as a small social initiative amongst staff, VAC is now encouraging members, volunteers, and the broader community to submit songs and stories via VAC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. A selection of the submitted songs will be shared on social media as well as being played during Well, Well, Well on Monday from 8PM on JOY 94.9.

Song suggestions for the ‘Equality Mixtape’ and accompanying stories can be submitted via Facebook or Twitter #EqualityMixtape

For more information, contact:
Liam Clark
Media Officer
(03) 9865 6700


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