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Intimate Partner Violence and/or Family Violence can occur across all communities, social classes, ages, cultural backgrounds and geographical areas. Family Violence Flexible Support Packages are designed to provide limited financial assistance to victims/survivors of family violence within the LGBTI communities.

They can be allocated to individuals or families who are seeking to leave or have recently left intimate partner or family violence circumstances.

The intention of these packages is to assist people to stabilise and improve their safety in at time of high risk while attempting to leave an unsafe relationship and after leaving such a situation.

How can I access the Flexible Support Packages?
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To gain access to the Flexible Support Packages, it is best if you if have access to an existing case manager who can assist you to process the application forms with accompanying documentation to substantiate the application.

Sometimes people find the process of application increases their vulnerability and they need to have a degree of professional and emotional support while the process of administering the package is occurring. A case manager will also be a major support to you in ensuring any funds allocated to you, if you are eligible, are directed to the appropriate sources in a timely fashion.

Flexible Support Packages are not ongoing and any subsequent applications to access funds will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

If you do not have access to an existing case manager, VAC will be able to support you in appointing a Family Violence Case Manager from our team.

What do the Flexible Support Packages fund?
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The packages offer a limited financial subsidy to assist with basic material needs such as:

  • Essentials - food, clothing, care packs, bills (utilities, phone) and utility debt
  • Technological safety support - CCTV, mobile phone, personal/property alarm, security doors or lighting
  • Health and wellbeing - medical or pharmaceutical costs not covered by Medicare or Pharmaceutical Benefits Schemes, counselling or specialist services
  • Safe, stable housing - public or private housing debt, rent in advance, rent in arrears, re-location costs, travel costs, furnishings and whitegoods in newly established housing
  • Economic, social and community participation - schooling, educational costs, workforce readiness (e.g. CAE/TAFE Course)  
  • Independence - clothing, care or placement of pets, outings, wellbeing courses


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