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Member Objectives

The Victorian AIDS Council was established by resolution at a meeting on 12 July 1983, of all organisations representing the Victorian gay community, and was constituted as the gay community's sole representative in response to the epidemics of HIV infection and AIDS. The Gay Men's Health Centre was established at a meeting on 29th May 1986, following an initiative of the Victorian AIDS Council as part of its fulfilment of its objectives.

The Victorian AIDS Council accept this, the Victorian gay community's continuing mandate, and commit themselves to the following objectives:

1 To work together in an efficient and integrated manner, consistent with their respective terms of incorporation and legal obligations, to ensure:

1.1 that advocacy, education, support and any other necessary services are provided to all persons who may request or require them, whether they are affected directly or indirectly by the HIV epidemic or are at risk from that epidemic, without regard to the gender, sexual preference, health status or other status of such persons, while acknowledging that these services will be designed primarily to meet the needs of gay and bisexual men in Victoria.

1.2 that the health and well-being of all gay and bisexual men in Victoria are promoted, in a manner consistent with the principles and practices of self-empowerment and community development.

1.3 that the health and well-being of persons with AIDS and persons infected by HIV are likewise promoted, and that the active participation of such persons in all aspects of the work of the organisations be welcomed, encouraged and facilitated.

1.4 that the skills and the commitment of the Victorian gay community are mobilised to mount a response to the HIV epidemic that is based to the maximum extent possible on the co-operative efforts of gay community volunteers, while affirming that volunteers and members from outside the gay community who accept the principles expressed in this document will be welcomed and will enjoy equal status and rights within the organisation.

2 To act to preserve and extend the rights and liberties of gay and bisexual men and women in Victoria, in the context of social and political reaction to the epidemics of HIV infection and AIDS.

3 To present and defend the interests of, and to speak publicly on behalf of, the Victorian gay community in all matters relating to HIV infection and AIDS, in all dealings with governments, the media and all other bodies and persons outside the gay community.

4 To work with and seek the active participation of all persons and organisations that share these objectives, regardless of gender, sexual preference, health status or any other status.


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